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Enhancing Educational Opportunities for Students

The Enrichment Committee at FitzGerald Elementary is currently scheduling our Enrichment Programs for the year.  These programs are completely funded by the PTO and sometimes grants that we apply for during the year.  We are excited to partner with local organizations such as the Discovery Museum and Waltham Fields Community Farm.  We are also creating our own programs to enhance the amazing work that Fitzgerald teachers are already doing.


Last year, we provided enrichment through a Pumpkin Drop (partnering with NASA and the Waltham Fire Department), Discovery Museum programs, Waltham Fields Community Farm programs, supporting purchases of books for author visits that were organized by the school librarian, a science festival (partnering with Waltham High School), events for Black History Month including a hip hop dance class, and the creation of a rock garden in front of the school. 

Keep a look out for other exciting enrichment programs for this year!

We look forward to another great year of learning!  If you would like to join the enrichment committee, please reach out to and we will be sure to ensure your voice is heard!  

If you have any ideas for future enrichment programing please fill out this google form below.

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