Enrichment: Enhancing Educational Opportunities for Students

Enrichment programs are paid for by the Fitzgerald PTO and are listed in order by grade level. Program selection follows guidelines within Waltham.

Grade Level

Name of Program


Grade Kindergarten Museum of Science Observing Electricity and Magnets Through a series of demonstrations, students examine the properties of electricity and magnetism and learn how the two are related. Volunteers hold magnets so powerful that their like poles cannot be pushed together, then test a variety of metals for magnetism, resulting in some unexpected surprises! They’ll even learn how electricity is similar to, and can create, magnetism.
Grade Kindergarten NSTAR WattsVille Game Show NSTAR has created a new interactive game to teach students in grades K to 3 about energy conservation and saving energy. Students follow the path through Wattsville and learn ways to save energy.
Grade 1 MOS Dig into Dinosaurs This hands-on program gives students a chance to think like paleontologists and explore the world of dinosaurs. Students interact with real and model fossils, study a simulated dinosaur trackway to test their ideas about how it was made, and excavate a replica field site.
Grade 2 Ellen Goethel Explore the World of Ocean Explore the Ocean World is a hands on Marine Science program that has been bringing in live and preserved marine animals into schools
Grade 2 Discovery MuseumMagnets What are magnets used for? What does the force around a magnet look like? Are size and strength of a magnet proportional? Explore the many sides of magnets. Take home magnets and your own magnetic field viewing chamber.
Grade 2 Cultural Dance/ Tap Program National Tap Dance Day is celebrated each year on May 25.  This day is a celebration of tap dancing as an American art form.  
Grade 3 Museum of ScienceAnimal Adaptations Students expand their understanding of biological adaptations by observing both skulls and live animals. They see up to three live animals from different groups, place the animals in their correct classes, and learn about specific adaptations each has developed. After observing the live animals, students engage in a hands-on activity in which they become scientists and examine particular skulls to determine how the animals may have adapted.
Grade 3 Museum of ScienceStarlab Bring a dark, cloudless night sky to your school day with our portable STARLAB planetarium. These programs present a realistic model of the night sky over your school’s town on the day we visit. With the addition of video images and simulations, students get a close look at some of the most distant objects that can be seen from Earth.Students learn about the night sky as they are challenged to make observations and think like scientists both inside and outside the STARLAB. They explore how stars are different from one another and learn to recognize star patterns in the sky from cultures around the world. In an immersive activity, students use binoculars to better understand how we learn about the cosmos.
Grade 4 Museum of ScienceRock Detectives In this workshop, students explore the different types of rocks and how they form over geologic time. Working as a team, students identify various rocks and minerals through hands-on observations and experiments. For a finale, they figure out how a particular rock formation has changed over millions of years.
Grade 4 & 5 Margaritas Visiting Artist Visiting Artists from Mexico is an extraordinary cultural experience. By showcasing real Mexican Artists in our restaurants and at local schools, we’re able to share our passion and respect for the culture with our community. While patrons dine they can observe a woodcarver’s skill or a ceramist’s finesse; children sit transfixed by the activities and parents linger while a DVD video displays images and events of modern day Mexico
Grade 4 & 5 WBZ Meteorologist Visit WBZ Meteorologists visit thousands of students at dozens of local schools, each year.
Grade 5 NSTAR New Program One of the most important lessons in life is that of energy conservation. Learning this valuable lesson will help today’s students become the responsible citizens of tomorrow while learning how to preserve vital resources and ensure a brighter future for themselves and the planet.
Grades 1-5 BOKS BOKS will provide an opportunity for children to increase their daily physical activity. BOKS focuses on having fun and non-competitive play.
Grade ALL Power of One The Power of One is a series of skits presented by actors who use boxes, colours, and masks to vividly portray what bullying is, what can be done about it, and how every child has the power of one, the power to report and deal with bullying when they see it.